little things make big difference

Last month, we had our 3rd annual PACE Thanksgiving potluck. We made the biggest room in the Buhler Centre look tiny! Apart from the turnout of 200 something students, the highlight of this potluck was that the group represented from all over the world (about 30+ countries, at least!) I felt like that I was in a mini UN Gala.

New Traditions:

Although majority of this group were Canadians or New Canadians, there was a small population of students who just arrived a month before. It was all a new tradition for them. I remembered getting invitation to my first Canadian pot-luck , and thinking that it was some kind of a pottery class! So our Canadian students played an integral part of explaining the new students what ‘potluck’ is. Did they do a good job?, YES! They did a fantastic food, because we had many authentic dishes on the table, local and international.

IMG_1639   IMG_0735


Not only the event filled our tummies, and helped us taste some delicious cuisines around the world, it gave us chance to brag about our culinary skills. That was my flashback moment to my first year at UW. I remembered cooking a Sri Lankan meal for the first time, and serving it to my housemates. It was so BAD, nothing compared to what my mom made even I couldn’t eat it. The next day, my Minnesotan housemate brought me a bag of chickpeas and asked me to make the same dish, so she can eat the rest of the week. Wow it took me a life changing travel, to gain confidence in my cooking skills! Even better, I made three friends at this potluck. One became my best and forever friend! So the “pottery class” changed it all.

meks potluck 1

I hope some of  the best friendships may have begun after our 2013 potluck!

our capabilities”. So I thought to use my blog to tell stories about our students, and all the great things they do to bring, sustain and synergize the life of PACE!

On a side note, students already have suggested a Holiday Potluck in December. Stay tuned!


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