Get well soon Malinga!

Robin Chauhan is an international student from India, who is currently enrolled in the Project Management Diploma program. Last week, he volunteered at our 3rd annual Cultural Evening.

Robin dropped by my office last Wednesday to ask about his duties. I perceived Robin as a reserved person with a few words. So Robin putting his name forward to volunteer at the registration table of a busy event quite surprised me. After a few minutes of serious events business, I asked Robin, if he is going home for Christmas.

Robin said he would love to, as he misses home so much. I get it. I too, once as an International student used to miss home a lot. Now I have been here longer, I don’t miss home as much, instead I try to visit every year.  For most of the holidays, we get to watch TV alone, or talking to families across the globe for long hours via internet. I asked Robin what he missed the most. He said Malinga. Cricket fans know that Malinga is a Sri Lankan cricket player.


So I asked him why he would miss a Sri Lankan cricket player!? (He must really love cricket)He laughed and said, No!, Infact his pet rabbit was named after the Sri Lankan Cricket player ‘Lasith Malinga’ in the picture above.


This is Robin’s Malinga, a quite charming rabbit.

Robin was so worried that Malinga (the pet) broke one of his legs a week ago and still limping. He is slowly recovering, he said.

It’s hard to leave someone very close to you. For me it was my grandparents who I grew up with. For Robin, it was his pets, that he raised all by him self. The people or things you love defines the person you are. Nothing else is difficult than departing from them. So I am dedicating this blog post to Malinga and I hope he will get well soon and Robin will get to go home for a holiday to see him, and hopefully bring him to Canada in near future!

Written by,

Mekala Wickramasinghe

PACE Student Life Coordinator



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