Holidaying in style!

For our full-time PACE students, holidays began last week and I am certain that they were dreaming of this time for four crazy months of sleepless nights, unheard alarms, and compromised social moments. Regardless of the reason, each one deserves the break.

As I was thinking of sending an email blast wishing everyone a happy holiday, Sam (Shamsher Singh) from Project Management group dropped by my office on Friday. He asked me if I knew of a place he could volunteer over the holidays. Inspiring! I thought.

So here’s to Sam and any of you who are still looking to holiday in style!

Winnipeg Harvest – A Winnipeg food bank that serves families in need. Call up 3-4 friends to join you and set up a time with Harvest to volunteer. They also need many people to deliver holiday hampers so pitch in if you or one of your friends has a car. They need your help

For further information, contact Volunteer Services or call Shara Harke at 204-982-3587

Siloam Mission – A Winnipeg soup kitchen that serves meals and provides shelter to those in need.

For further information, contact their volunteer coordinator.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Winnipeg – Raises money through the sale of Christmas trees.  Check out their tree lot at IKEA on Kenaston Boulevard.

For more information, please visit:

& If you are a music lover….->

Juno Awards – It’s  coming to Winnipeg in 2014, and they are looking for volunteers. I thought you may be interested in this.

Whatever you do on your holidays, don’t forget to treat yourself with a lots of love and joy!

Take care, be safe, and have a wonderful holiday season!!


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