August before Autumn – Hurry and enjoy!

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It’s the August before Autumn! Summer is almost over, so I need to get out and do something. If this thought came to your mind this past weekend, you are not alone! There is me, and I’m sure there are a few more out there.

Winnipeg has the shortest yet hottest summer – it’s beautiful, eventful and sunny as any tropical land can get. As well, the culture, music, food and people are all the great things Winnipeg has to offer. And if you don’t get to experience, you are going to miss out for sure!

CANADA SUMMER GAMES – (July 28 – August 13)

Winnipeg is the home for 50th  Canada Summer Games started this past weekend. This event offers so many things for sports and festival fans.

If you would like to go see a game check out Canada Summer Games Tickets 

If you are up for a good time, there are many events around   Summer Games Festival Map

PC: Canada Summer Games Website

FOLKLORAMA- August 6- 19: every globetrotter’s dream!

Whether you are a globetrotter, or someone who dreams about travel, or simply want to have a great time, Folklorama gives you a chance to see it all in one city. From Brazilian capoeira dancers, soul-soothing Japanese music, energetic african drums, to fun filled afterparties with music, dance and everything summer festival needs, it’s all just in Winnipeg. You even get to send a prayer note all the way to Jerusalem through the Israeli pavilion, or learn some cuban tango, have a beer or two in german style, tap dance your way home and wake up your neighbours. So all I got to say is, don’t miss this fantastic cultural celebrations. Check out the Folklorama Pavilion Guide for pavilion information.

photo credit: Folklorama


Free movies @ Assiniboine Park:

Early Feature (7 pm)  Late Feature (9:15 pm) 
August 4 Sing La La Land
August 11 Finding Dory Captain America: Civil War
August 18 Moana Arrival
August 25 Trolls Rogue One (Star Wars)

Click here for more fun summer events at the Assiniboine Park

assiniboine park
Photo credit: Assiniboine park
Tip: Bring a good comfy blanket, snacks, water and oh, and mosquito spray (you might need this)!
If not in mood for Assibinoine park, the down town will offer you the same theatre experience. We love our movies, but only summer can offer the outdoor movie experience.
Memorial Park
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Memorial Park movies will show Spice World, It Takes Two, and Jumanji ! Hint: Keep an eye for the food trucks.
August 1st – The Little Rascals
August 8th – Spice World
August 15th- Space Jam
August 22nd- It Takes Two
August 29th- Jumanji
For those who are new to Drive-In movies, check out what down will offer you this summer.
From July 01 until Labour Day Week end in September, every hour Legislative Building offers tours inside the building. Anyone who’s interested in knowing the history of the Legislature and Manitoba and (the golden boy of course! ) Check out more details at: Legislative Building Tours


Photo credit: Manitoba Museum
You don’t always need to spend dollars to have fun. To check out more events, just click the items below.

Have a great rest of the summer !!


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