My first day of student life: Eye-Catching Diversity

It was my first day at University of Winnipeg, September, 2015, HR Pace Program and I entered the class. There were our friendly training office staff who welcomed warmly as each student entered. It was almost the time for the orientation program and I observed the fact that students are from different parts of the world. During the orientation, the responsible training staff talked about the program and its objectives asked us to introduce ourselves. It was very interesting the structure of our class was totally diversified and it seemed to me very demanding. I felt a great degree of happiness being a member of such a diversified class. The orientation program was informative and we got familiar with the university Pace Program staff, the objectives of HR program and the university facilities. During the orientation program, while I was listening to the speakers I thought about diversity and how it can help a student understand and feel another human being with different nationality, language, culture and therefore transform into a more effective HR person. I want to share my viewpoints in this field as I think it will help face diversity positively and attract its opportunities.
I brought in my mind that a diverse group in specific and a diverse organization in general is one that values the difference in people. It is one that recognizes the fact that people with different backgrounds, skills, attitudes and experiences bring fresh ideas and perceptions. They look at the same topic from different viewpoints and so present different solutions for the same problem. Diverse organizations value and take into consideration these differences to make a dynamic and proactive atmosphere in which new ideas and concepts are celebrated and therefore knowledge is created again and again. The advocates of diversity believe that it enhances the pace of development and brings in different notions and ideas. They assume the encouragement of diversity benefits individuals, communities, societies and the world.
Diversity helps people face and experience different things outside of what they are normally accustomed to. In fact it is the nature of human being to consider his or her viewpoint as the only way of thinking, and diversity helps breakthrough these subjective obstacles and learn more from totally different viewpoints. But there are some important issues that should be taken into consideration about diversity. Studies prove that the lack of cohesion between diversified groups is due to lack of trust, stereotyping, and the preference of people to interact with their own nation and therefore same language, culture and so forth. So these issues should be taken into consideration and a member of a diversified group should try to practice effective listening, tolerance of differences and paying attention to the fact that there is a huge learning opportunity in a diversified group. We can grow by diversity if we encourage people to think outside their boundaries and learn something new about a culture they may not be familiar with.
I thought about the possible obstacles against the opportunities created by diversity and it reminded me of the fact that people usually are terrified of non-familiar things which is hidden in diversity. Therefore people are not as willing to talk openly about certain things because they think members of other nations or cultures cannot relate to them or would not understand or cannot be trusted, so the problem is withdrawal and isolation. Sometimes a person may start to feel we cannot be close and work or learn together because we are different. The results would be mistrust, poor communication, and huge distance among people. I think we can learn better and create a better place in our world if we try to look at diversity as a great opportunity for creating, recreating, sharing and applying knowledge; that is knowledge which can be shared through effective communication, trust, goodwill and aspiration to develop and help others develop. Diversity is a hidden treasure that should be discovered and respected: I respect and embrace you diversity as an opportunity to learn from others!


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