5 Quick Yummy Healthy and Happy Recipes

Don’t want to spend lot of time cooking? Well, then I have some quick, healthy and yummy recipes for you which will not only save your time but also money. It’s easy to go out and grab a quick meal. I am sure though, at some point in time you would have had thoughts about the money spent and calories gained along with guilt of some unhealthy food consumed! Let me tell you, you could have that tasty yummy meal ready in minutes at home whilst enjoying your cooking. And you would never have to think about those extra calories!! Also there’s a feel good factor when you save some dollars and rather spend them wisely! I am placing an approximate cost of these items which gives you an idea of how much you are saving. Don’t forget however: If you like music, you could listen to your list of favorites while you cook. Now, I won’t talk much and get you straight into the kitchen 🙂

Salad Wrap (cooking time: 8 minutes)                                                                        Cost: $6.99

Salad WrapThis could be taken as a snack or even as part of dinner with some soup. It is light and filling yet tasteful! All you need is: whole grain whole wheat tortillas, lettuce, grated cheese, sliced capsicum, sliced cucumber, diced mushrooms (optional), black olives, avocado (optional). Sprinkle the grated cheese over the tortilla and toast it in oven for a few minutes.Take it out and place the salad over the tortilla. You could add some salt and pepper over it or even spice it up with some hot sauce. Wrap it all up and try it!

Smoothie (cooking time: 5 minutes)                                                                             Cost: $3.50

Strawberry SmoothieEnjoy the drink anytime you wish- it’s fresh, healthy and delicious!! You could pick fruits of your choice. For example: bananas, strawberries, mangoes etc. You could pick one or mix them depending upon your preference. Let’s pick one and go with strawberries. All you need to do is slice them and blend them with milk. You could add honey or sugar to it as per your requirement. Garnish this with some grated almonds!

Fish Curry with Vegetables in Coconut Milk (cooking time: 25 minutes)    Cost: $14.95

Fish CurryIt is quick and nutritious, high in protein. Season fish fillets with some herbs, salt and pepper (mix of herbs as one step seasoning is always available in stores) and bake it for about 20 minutes. Meanwhile, grate two cloves of garlic and keep aside few sweet basil leaves. Have a can of coconut milk ready. Pour two teaspoons of oil in the sauce pan. Once it warms up, add the grated garlic to it along with the basil leaves. Let it sauté. Sprinkle the herb seasoning over it. Add diced vegetables into the sauté- broccoli, french beans, carrots and peas or corn kernels. Let this get sautéed for about ten minutes. Thereafter pour the coconut milk over it and let it cook and blend for another five to ten minutes. Add to it some salt and red chili powder to taste. If the fish in the oven is ready, slice it up and add to the vegetable curry. Relish it with steamed rice and salad!

Fruits and Oats with Milk (cooking time: 7 minutes)                                            Cost: $4.95

Oats and Fruits with milkThis is ideal for breakfast and it’s filling too. It is tasteful and gives a light and healthy start to the day! Besides, oats are high in fiber and rich in iron and protein. Add a handful of oats and cereals to a bowl of luke warm milk. Pour some honey into it. Slice some fruits over it- banana, apple and some dried figs/blue berries (optional). Sprinkle grated almonds or walnuts over the mix. And get the taste of heaven!

Brazilian Savory (cooking time: 25 minutes) Credit: Carolina Goncalves          Cost: $5.50

Brazilian SavoryIt’s just a few simple steps and you have something so delicious and light ready to be eaten! All you need is half cup vegetable oil, two eggs, one cup milk, a table spoon of baking powder, salt to taste and one cup of all purpose flour- all of this as batter. Keep aside two cups vegetables of your choice, diced, seasoned and cooked as filling. Pour the batter ingredients into a blender jar and blend. Pour half of this blended batter in a greased pan. Add a layer of the vegetables on top of this batter and over it pour the remaining blended batter. Bake this at 350F for 25 minutes until a toothpick inserted in the pie comes out clean. Try it and you would love it!



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