Tick Tock, Tick Tock


Time keeps flying by and is wasted more than being effectively used. Being an international student, I have realized that managing time effectively is a set of skill, which can be mastered if practiced wisely.

When I started at the university, initially I thought it would be a cake walk to manage a seven-hour class, part time job, an internship, loads of assignments and never ending presentations all at the same time. As time passed by it got even more difficult to manage time. Just like the way the sand slips off your tightly closed fist, the time slips off how much ever you try to manage it. Therefore, it is essential to manage your time effectively.

In this article, I shall share some tips to manage time effectively. The list below works wonders if practiced daily.  I stress on effectively the most is because anyone can manage time but not everyone can manage it effectively.

The 5 best ways to manage time effectively are:

  1. Prioritize your tasks:

It is essential that you prioritize your tasks. As you prioritize your tasks you know which one needs to be dealt with first. From petty little tasks to the crucial ones, all must be prioritized. Make sure you do the most important thing first.

Tm - priotize

For Instance,

Priority #1 – Financial Management assignment due at 11am

Priority #2 – sign up for a voluntary program by the end of the day

Priority #9 – Do your grocery

Priority #10 – Take a bath (should be the first priority though)

This will help you finish your task on time.

  1. What’s Next?

Just prioritizing your tasks doesn’t make it easier, it is essential to know what is next on your list. If you do not hold a track of what’s next, importance of prioritizing becomes null.

whats next

Therefore, make sure that you are updated with what’s next.

  1. Reassess your tasks:

Just when you are about to start your time management regime, make sure you keep updating your task or your to-do list, this will help you manage even petty things that may not hold as much importance as your other important tasks.


This will help you get in routine and will ensure that every task of yours is completed timely.

  1. Assess your time of the day:

Every individual has a different potential at a different hour of the day i.e. some people might work efficiently in the morning, while some might do an excellent job in the noon while a few might be a good company to the owls in the night. My time of the day personally is late night. I am a little more focused.

time assess

Choose your time of the day, when you are productive the most and allocate that time of the day for your important tasks or the tasks which are of utmost priority.

  1. Sigh of Relief:

Lastly, you will only sigh when you are done with your tasks. Therefore, always cross off things as soon as they are completed.

Nothing will make you feel more competent.

check marks

I Hope this article and the 5 essential tips helps you manage your time effectively and that you do not need six months to master this skill unlike me and my other few classmates. We wished we had some help to manage our time but it definitely is not too late to learn a new skill.

Looking forward to meet all the students starting in fall. Happy summer till then.


Written By Alina Makani


PACE Marketing Management Diploma, 2016




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