Welcome to Winnipeg

I was born and raised in Manitoba. I grew up far outside of the city in a small rural community which meant that my family and I would come to the city only once a year. And it was a BIG DEAL you guys, it was the only time of year that my sister and I could buy clothing that didn’t come from the Sears catalogue! But I digress…

Since those days of pre-teen wardrobe distress, this city has come to mean a lot more to me. I completed my undergrad degree at the University of Winnipeg, and have now returned as a new student in the PACE Public Relations and Marketing Diploma program. While I’ve clearly devoted a large chunk of my young adulthood to this city, I still feel at times like a small town girl who is not completely in tune with all that is going on in the city around her. I imagine many can relate to this at PACE, especially new international students.

I have made it a mission of mine this year to get properly acquainted with Winnipeg and all that it has to offer. Of course this will happen in-between the late night study sessions, chocolate covered coffee beans, and WINE. So, with the advice of a few local PACE students, I have compiled a list of 5 Fall activities to get us all out enjoying the city this season.

  1. Get Outdoors

This may seem pretty generic, but it is going to get COLD very quickly. A fun and inexpensive activity is simply going out to explore some of Winnipeg’s diverse neighborhoods. A few popular suggestions are The Forks, Osborne Village, St. Boniface, and the The Exchange District.

Photo Courtesy of tourismwinnipeg.com

If nature is more your thing, Winnipeg is home to an amazing city park, Assiniboine Park. Go check out the fall colours and enjoy the last few days of warmth with a picnic lunch – Pumpkin Spice Latte optional.

Photo Courtesy of winnipegreflections.com
  1. Manitoba Culture Days

This is an event I will definitely be attending this year. Culture days is a celebration of the vibrant art community in Winnipeg . Culture Days take place September 30th, October 1st and 2nd. Most of the events are free. Check out the culture days website for a full listing of everything happening around the city that weekend.

Photo Courtesy of mytoba.ca
  1. Nuit Blanche

nuit-blanche-logoNuit Blanche is a festival dedicated to interacting with contemporary art which takes place in the heart of the city from dusk until DAWN, Saturday October 1st. Even if art isn’t your thing, it is still a great reason to get out and mix with the locals during a lively night (full of dance parties) in three of the cities trendiest neighborhoods.

Photo Courtesy of nuitblanchewinnipeg.ca
Photo Courtesy of nuitblanchewinnipeg.ca
  1. Corn Maze!! 

If you are looking for a traditional rural experience, then you have to check out the St. Adolphe corn maze.  Nothing says ‘fall’ more than getting lost in a field of corn, picking out your favorite pumpkin from the patch, and catching a ride on a horse-drawn wagon. The maze is located just  5 minutes south of the city. For more information check out their website. If this sound corn-y (pun intended), just remember that this was pretty much my life growing up in rural Manitoba, and then feel extremely thankful that you get to escape back to the city after. I was not afforded such luxury.

Photo Courtesy of cornmaze.ca
Corn maze above.png
Photo Courtesy of cornmaze.ca
  1. PACE Student Life events. 

 As fun as you will have exploring the city, don’t forget that life is only as good as the company you keep. I honestly believe that it will be our fellow students that get us through the challenge of this upcoming academic year. For that reason, I am most looking forward to all the pre-organized events that will be happening thanks to the Student Life team here at PACE. Be sure to leave your books for a bit and check them out, I am sure I’ll see you there.

  • Soccer Fest. September 20th 


  • Thanksgiving Potluck. October 7th.  Bring that special family recipe!


  • Halloween costume contest and party in Garbonzo’s Pizza in the AnX.          October 28th                                                                                                                                       I hope we all get into that Halloween Spirit! And I also hope that no one steals my costume idea. I will give you a hint.. it rhymes with Ronald Trump.



Feature Photo Courtesy of winnipegfreepress.ca













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