PACE Yourselves!

Apart from being a witty title for this blog, I say PACE yourselves because you have just embarked on a special journey this year. Last year around this time, I moved to Canada with my girlfriend and signed up for the PACE program at the University of Winnipeg. I left behind a career in international sports events and a comfort zone for a seat in the second row on the far left in a classroom on the second floor of the Buhler building.

(If you are sitting in my former seat, make a comment!)

Fast-forward one year; I am sitting in my sunroom typing this blog for you who are embarking on a similar journey. During this intense program, I learned how far I can push myself as PR professional, and got the opportunity to let my creativity loose as it was restricted by a budget and executive decisions. It was a great educational program and a better experience. The year will fly by as the program is designed to keep you as busy as possible.

By the end of this trip you will be overloaded with information to a point that you think you don’t know anything. But the minute you get your first task, it all comes back to you it’s like swimming or riding a bike you don’t forget it!

By this time next year you will be half way through your internships and failing miserably at making plans with the great friends you made in the program due to schedule differences of the working world. On the other hand, the internships will help you learn more about employment opportunities in the local market and obviously set you on the right track to figure out your calling.

I am interning at Dooley Communications, the only strictly Public Relations and Communications firm in Winnipeg. This work placement has been putting my existing work experience and PACE education to the test. It has exposed to me to major players in the market a well as smaller businesses. I have learned along the way their different needs, learned their voice and tone and spoken on their behalf in different media outlets.

My time with Dooley Communications has taught me a lot about client relationship, further improved my writing skills, and most importantly it got me managing my time. As a virtual company, each team member works from home, submitting everything electronically. Managing myself and having a routine from the comfort of my home is, in my opinion, a rather unique opportunity that I am mastering.

I wish everyone a great journey at PACE. Make some memories and create long-lasting friendships, which may be future work connections. To sign off I will leave you with this small checklist:

  • Don’t miss class; you snooze you loose
  • Challenge yourselves
  • Have fun whenever you have time
  • Attend every networking event; you never know whom you’re going to meet. Worst case, it’s a good excuse a have a drink and socialise.

Bye for now, and good luck!

Christian Houjei, it’s good to talk!

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Author: @ChrisH

Hi I am Chris and I am a travel addict. I got the travel bug a few years ago and its been an adventure ever since. As an avid traveler, talker, listener and influencer with a passion for culture. I like to consider myself a citizen of the world. I visit places, mingle with the locals and make memories. I am a Pubic Relations practitioner. I believe my experience, the knowledge and techniques I acquire everyday enable me to entice you to the world of buying experiences rather than possessions. Different cultures and foreign countries are fascinating; ethnocentrism and the fear of adventures are usually not associated with an open mind or inclusion. Follow this blog, or as I like to call it a place to share adventures, concerns and tips for fellow travelers and vacation planners.

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