Welcome to November!

Halloween has passed, PACE students have finished their first block of class, now bring on sweater weather!

You know we have entered November, and that winter is fast approaching when the all-time favorite Starbucks Holiday drinks and cups arrive. Living in Winnipeg, once November starts everyone starts to stress and worry about the snow, and Christmas, (literally the day after Halloween). We normally get our first snow fall halfway through the month, and luckily it is not as cold or severe as the month of January. PACE has many international students, so if you are new to Canada experiencing their first winter, prepare yourselves.

November is a month everybody loves to hate. No real exciting holidays and cold weather. However, there is one statutory holiday which is known as Remembrance Day. Every year most Canadians receive the day off work, which is meant to honor those who fought and sacrificed their lives for the country during war. Another important factor of November, targeted to men, is MOVEMBER!  This is when men from all over the world grow their beards for an entire month, no shaving, to raise money and awareness for prostate and testicular cancer, as well as mental health. In 2003, two guys name Travis Garone and Luke Slattery decide to bring back the trend of moustaches as a joke. One of their friends’ mother was a fundraiser for breast cancer awareness, so the two men decided to start a fundraiser of their own, creating Movember.

This year on November 14, we get to experience a “extra super moon”.  This is when the elliptical orbit around the earth will cause the full moon to appear bigger and closer. According to NASA this is the closest that the moon will be to the earth since over a century, and say we will not experience another until 2034.

Although November is not my favourite month, I still enjoy it not only because Christmas is only seven more Fridays away, but it is also my son’s birthday at the end of the month! Yes, November can become stressful approaching the holidays, and planning a child’s birthday party of over 50 people, it is still a great month, and believe me it will fly by in a blink.

So now I suggest that each and every one of you get outside this weekend because if you have not heard it is going to be +17 this Saturday, and it might be the last semi warm day we get for the year and this month.  Don’t forget that one November 6th the time goes back one hour, that means one extra hour of sleep! Except for me, I don’t get an extra hour, after all I am a parent.

Enjoy your weekend PACE students, and enjoy November!



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