Halloween at PACE


What is Halloween? Halloween to me is more than just dressing up in a costume. Halloween to me is about a gathering of friends and family. A gathering of ghosts, witches, vampires, various monsters, superheroes, and idols, strangers that didn’t know each other “cheering (a clashing of cups)” while enjoying each other’s company. On Friday, October 28, 2016, The University of Winnipeg, PACE program offered a celebration of Halloween at Garbonzo’s restaurant at the AnX Building, 471 Balmoral St, Winnipeg, MB. A collection of students from Project Management, Public Relations, and Human Resource got together in celebration. Pace offered the following activities such as:

  • The Costume Competition
  • A complimentary dinner
  • Face painting
  • An engaging photo booth


As you walk into Garbonzos restaurant, you see the culture of Halloween. A lot of people dressed in various costumes, with energetic people. People smiling and interacting with each other. Students from different programs at PACE. Students that would at most, see each other in the hallways, are now interacting conversing with each other.  The different conglomerates of pace was represented by a representative, introducing and encouraging socialization between the different classes.


PACE is a place of creativity; PACE Halloween would be no different. PACE offered prizes for the most creativity costume. Numerous people were involved in the costume competition. Many of competitors in the competition invested a lot of time with their costumes. There were three judges from the PACE administration office. Competitors had their game faces on; ghosts were scaring judges, villains laughing villainously, superheroes running around, witches seducing the judges, and clowns rolling around. The competitors wanted to win – they wanted to get those GIFT CARDS!

How to win? The person with the best costume didn’t necessarily win. The person who won was the one who did the following:

  • Bring a lot of people
  • Being hilarious
  • Hyped up the crowd
  • Had a gimmick

As the audience screamed and laughed, while the performers foolishly kept in character. You see grown men and women rolling around, jumping up and down, laughing, and acting flirtatious. The competitors put everything on the line, and the best person won.

Thing to do for Halloween

PACE Halloween is a great place to start off your night. It’s a great place to know what’s happening, where to go, and making your social group bigger. Pace kindly offered a free appetizer dinner so that you can chat over food. The dinner included different kinds of wings and pizza, vegetarian nachos, bread stick, and salad. It was nice to see everyone “breaking bread” with everyone. PAXCEPeople that I would see in the hallways every day are my acquaintances now. My hand is going to be really tired at the end of the day, from all the high fives and handshakes. People that I would see in the hallways every day, are my acquaintances now. My hand is going to be really tired at the end of the day, from all the high fives and handshakes. PACE is a collection of cultures, a true definition of Canada. PACE has students from India, Canada, Philippines, Ukraine, Jamaica, E.T.C, at the event. People that would normally not interact, were laughing and talking. People were conversing on what other Halloween events are being offered. PACE Halloween, is a great place to meet new people and how to plan the rest of your night.

Halloween costume ideas

For those who did not have any costume – NEED NOT WORRY! Pace kindly offered a face painting station, free of charge. So people who could not or forgot to bring a costume, were able to participate in the festivities. The face painting station was positioned beautifully, right in front of the restaurant. Having it positioned there was brilliant, everyone saw the station


During the Halloween party, there were many activities that would boost socialization. By increasing socialization, it increased focus on what to do after.  The photo booth offered more than just different types of props that could heighten your costume. The photo booth offered students of PACE a place to network.  Posing and strutting their stuff. Pace presented students with different interactive tools like colored wigs, masks, and swords. The decoration at the photo booth was amazing having everything that reminded me of Halloween; pictures of pumpkins, ghost witches, and skeletons. Pace Halloween was a great place to network and to know what to do after


My first thought about this PACE Halloween party was if the people who invited me to this event “tricking” me or are they “treating” me. Are they tricking me? Are they just wanting people to go, just to fill the seats?  Are they treating me? Is this even going to be a good time?

Going to the Pace event has changed my opinion on events hosted by PACE. I really enjoyed the time I had at the PACE Halloween party get together. I have made some friends from the different classes and networked well. People that I would see in the hallways every day, are my acquaintances now. My hand is going to be really tired at the end of the day, from all the high fives and handshakes. All-in-All, the PACE Halloween, benefited me in so many ways and would encourage everyone to go to the next PACE-hosted event.


Thanks for reading. Cheers!

Written by,

Michael Enano, PACE Public Relations, Marketing and Strategic Communications Student.



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