International Students Settle in Winnipeg

I have been in Winnipeg for almost 4 months. As an international student, I understand how overwhelming it could be when you don’t travel to a strange country for the first time. I have never been in Canada. Before I, I thought Canada would be very similar to America, but I was wrong. After spending 4 months in Winnipeg, I have something to share with all international students.

Prior your arrival: 

Research, research and research! There are a lot of information online to explain the Visa and the arrival preparation.  If you are an international student, Visa means everything to


you. Make sure you know everything you need to know come before and after you land in Canada, such as the Visa status, Visa office in the arrival airport, transfer flight gates, etc. Always make sure you leave yourself extra time between transitions, such as transferring flights.

Living: For international students, living could be a tough decision. If you are planning to live away from the campus, make sure you know the resident area is close to the bus station. If you want to live close to school, UWinnipeg offers various resources for you to choose. There is another factor to think about is the nearby grocery store, this is recommend using Google Maps and Google Street View to check out the surrounding areas.


If you find a place you want to live, make sure you contact the leasing office before arrival, apartments in Winnipeg could be very competitive. Also, plan to be here about one week prior the school start, this would give you extra time to settle in and adjust the time zone. Double check your arrival time, if your arrival time is at night, you want to book a hotel prior your arrival.

After Arrival:

Be the one who prepare the most! If this is your first time in Winnipeg, I would highly recommend you are arrive here early. There is a lot of unknown factors in a strange city. Here are some tips to help you.

  1. If you have not find the apartment to live, I would recommend to live in downtown temporary, it is close to everything you need. There are other websites will help you to find apartments for rent.
  2. You would need to go to the PACE office and get the registration forms, Student ID card and the full-time involvement letter. These would be very essential materials in your apartment application.
  3. There is a Service Canada in the Portage Mall, this is a government agency for your Society Insurance Number.
  4.  Once you have all the paper work from the PACE office, bring them along with your passport and study permit, go to the Manitoba Health Office to get your Manitoba Insurance Card.Picture3.png

Once you finished all the steps above, you are all set for the new school year in Winnipeg! Winnipeg is wonderfully unique and a lot to explore, enjoy the journey!


Author: andrewxiexpl

Just a student.

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