How to find your first home in Winnipeg


Congratulations! You’ve made it, and are now ready to begin a new university experience with The University of Winnipeg. Now you need to ask yourself a very important question, where are you going to live? There are many options available: University Housing, renting an apartment or renting a room to live or enrol in a homestay program provided by the University. To make more sense of your options, let’s look at what different options have to offer.

University Accommodations

The University of Winnipeg is located in the vibrant downtown area of Winnipeg and has two university accommodation options McFeetors Hall and Balmoral Houses. The good thing about university accommodations is that you will have your own room and access to a lot of social activities without having to travel a lot to get to your lectures.


McFeetors Hall is located at Langside Street which is a 5-minute walk away from the university. McFeetors Hall comes with compulsory a meal plan which can be used in diversity food restaurants inside the University.


Balmoral Houses are renovated houses with shared common areas and a backyard to give students a feeling of being part of the community. Balmoral Houses are located at Balmoral Street, a 10-minute walk from the University.

One thing to remember while applying for student housing is that in both options, the students need to purchase their own internet connection. Check the campus living site for more information

Homestay Program

The students can also enrol in the Homestay Program by the University of Winnipeg under which, the students will be placed with an English-speaking local host family. This is a great way to understand the new environment and learn about the Canadian culture. Find more about the homestay program at

Independent Renting

The students can also look for renting a room or an apartment in Winnipeg for the duration of the studies which is usually a cheaper option for students. This option would give you the most independence, however, it is important to keep in mind the additional responsibilities and costs that come with renting in the private sectors (utility bills, dealing with your landlord). Private rentals may be far from the university, so keep in mind the extra time and cost of travel while deciding. The best areas to rent near the university can be The Forks, Osborne Village and Portage on Downtown. Check out this link for Winnipeg’s top neighbourhoods:

If you decide to rent privately some helpful site could be


Written by:

Drishti Jain

Marketing Management Program

P.A.C.E, University of Winnipeg

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