Gratitude Walks

It feels great to wake up smiling, to think that life is a miracle, and with each passing day the joy just keeps multiplying. This is the feeling of walking your way towards gratitude.

Gratitude Walk is an activity which can be practiced for a minimum of five minutes a day. It can be done on your way to Tim Hortons or for nature-lovers even in Assiniboine park, by the river. All you need to do is be grateful for your achievements and your aspirations. If practiced daily, you start being thankful for what you have, maybe a healthy body, a peaceful mental state or your achievements. Also, be thankful for what you want to have in future and in that way, it will be a visual reminder of your goals.

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I have inculcated the Gratitude Walks in my life to get results which once seemed a fantasy. As I embarked upon the journey of Gratitude Walks, I started seeing a change in my personality, I felt happier and imagining what I wanted to achieve in life, etched a strong image in my mind, of life as I wanted it to be. A new faith replaced feelings of uncertainty which also relieved stress. And since then, I have been smitten by the new me and addicted to Gratitude Walks.

Entrepreneurs Mimi Ikonn and Alex Ikonn are firm believers of the Gratitude Walks. Inspired by the Gratitude Walks, they created the “Five Minute Journal,” which is gratefulness in written form.

Advantages of Gratitude Walks:

  • Live in the Present: You get used to living in the moment and unknowingly train your mind to be in a happy state.
  • Self-Motivating: You learn to motivate yourself and to pick yourself up even if you are having a difficult day because you are self-sufficient in motivating yourself.
  • Visual Reminder of Goals: By going for a gratitude walk, you visually remind yourself of what you want to achieve and start matching your actions to your goals.
  • Become an Optimist: You are so grateful for everything that you forget being negative about anything and become a more positive person.

In the words of Oprah Winfrey “Be thankful for what you have; you will end up having more. If you concentrate on what you do not have, you will never ever have enough.”

Written by:

Ankona Mukherjee

Full time Project Management, January 2017 Intake

PACE, University of Winnipeg



Author: ankonamukherjeegmailcom

An avid reader, romantically inclined

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