Welcome to Winnipeg

I was born and raised in Manitoba. I grew up far outside of the city in a small rural community which meant that my family and I would come to the city only once a year. And it was a BIG DEAL you guys, it was the only time of year that my sister and I could buy clothing that didn’t come from the Sears catalogue! But I digress…

Since those days of pre-teen wardrobe distress, this city has come to mean a lot more to me. I completed my undergrad degree at the University of Winnipeg, and have now returned as a new student in the PACE Public Relations and Marketing Diploma program. While I’ve clearly devoted a large chunk of my young adulthood to this city, I still feel at times like a small town girl who is not completely in tune with all that is going on in the city around her. I imagine many can relate to this at PACE, especially new international students.

I have made it a mission of mine this year to get properly acquainted with Winnipeg and all that it has to offer. Of course this will happen in-between the late night study sessions, chocolate covered coffee beans, and WINE. So, with the advice of a few local PACE students, I have compiled a list of 5 Fall activities to get us all out enjoying the city this season.

  1. Get Outdoors

This may seem pretty generic, but it is going to get COLD very quickly. A fun and inexpensive activity is simply going out to explore some of Winnipeg’s diverse neighborhoods. A few popular suggestions are The Forks, Osborne Village, St. Boniface, and the The Exchange District.

Photo Courtesy of tourismwinnipeg.com

If nature is more your thing, Winnipeg is home to an amazing city park, Assiniboine Park. Go check out the fall colours and enjoy the last few days of warmth with a picnic lunch – Pumpkin Spice Latte optional.

Photo Courtesy of winnipegreflections.com
  1. Manitoba Culture Days

This is an event I will definitely be attending this year. Culture days is a celebration of the vibrant art community in Winnipeg . Culture Days take place September 30th, October 1st and 2nd. Most of the events are free. Check out the culture days website for a full listing of everything happening around the city that weekend.

Photo Courtesy of mytoba.ca
  1. Nuit Blanche

nuit-blanche-logoNuit Blanche is a festival dedicated to interacting with contemporary art which takes place in the heart of the city from dusk until DAWN, Saturday October 1st. Even if art isn’t your thing, it is still a great reason to get out and mix with the locals during a lively night (full of dance parties) in three of the cities trendiest neighborhoods.

Photo Courtesy of nuitblanchewinnipeg.ca
Photo Courtesy of nuitblanchewinnipeg.ca
  1. Corn Maze!! 

If you are looking for a traditional rural experience, then you have to check out the St. Adolphe corn maze.  Nothing says ‘fall’ more than getting lost in a field of corn, picking out your favorite pumpkin from the patch, and catching a ride on a horse-drawn wagon. The maze is located just  5 minutes south of the city. For more information check out their website. If this sound corn-y (pun intended), just remember that this was pretty much my life growing up in rural Manitoba, and then feel extremely thankful that you get to escape back to the city after. I was not afforded such luxury.

Photo Courtesy of cornmaze.ca
Corn maze above.png
Photo Courtesy of cornmaze.ca
  1. PACE Student Life events. 

 As fun as you will have exploring the city, don’t forget that life is only as good as the company you keep. I honestly believe that it will be our fellow students that get us through the challenge of this upcoming academic year. For that reason, I am most looking forward to all the pre-organized events that will be happening thanks to the Student Life team here at PACE. Be sure to leave your books for a bit and check them out, I am sure I’ll see you there.

  • Soccer Fest. September 20th 


  • Thanksgiving Potluck. October 7th.  Bring that special family recipe!


  • Halloween costume contest and party in Garbonzo’s Pizza in the AnX.          October 28th                                                                                                                                       I hope we all get into that Halloween Spirit! And I also hope that no one steals my costume idea. I will give you a hint.. it rhymes with Ronald Trump.



Feature Photo Courtesy of winnipegfreepress.ca













Tick Tock, Tick Tock


Time keeps flying by and is wasted more than being effectively used. Being an international student, I have realized that managing time effectively is a set of skill, which can be mastered if practiced wisely.

When I started at the university, initially I thought it would be a cake walk to manage a seven-hour class, part time job, an internship, loads of assignments and never ending presentations all at the same time. As time passed by it got even more difficult to manage time. Just like the way the sand slips off your tightly closed fist, the time slips off how much ever you try to manage it. Therefore, it is essential to manage your time effectively.

In this article, I shall share some tips to manage time effectively. The list below works wonders if practiced daily.  I stress on effectively the most is because anyone can manage time but not everyone can manage it effectively.

The 5 best ways to manage time effectively are:

  1. Prioritize your tasks:

It is essential that you prioritize your tasks. As you prioritize your tasks you know which one needs to be dealt with first. From petty little tasks to the crucial ones, all must be prioritized. Make sure you do the most important thing first.

Tm - priotize

For Instance,

Priority #1 – Financial Management assignment due at 11am

Priority #2 – sign up for a voluntary program by the end of the day

Priority #9 – Do your grocery

Priority #10 – Take a bath (should be the first priority though)

This will help you finish your task on time.

  1. What’s Next?

Just prioritizing your tasks doesn’t make it easier, it is essential to know what is next on your list. If you do not hold a track of what’s next, importance of prioritizing becomes null.

whats next

Therefore, make sure that you are updated with what’s next.

  1. Reassess your tasks:

Just when you are about to start your time management regime, make sure you keep updating your task or your to-do list, this will help you manage even petty things that may not hold as much importance as your other important tasks.


This will help you get in routine and will ensure that every task of yours is completed timely.

  1. Assess your time of the day:

Every individual has a different potential at a different hour of the day i.e. some people might work efficiently in the morning, while some might do an excellent job in the noon while a few might be a good company to the owls in the night. My time of the day personally is late night. I am a little more focused.

time assess

Choose your time of the day, when you are productive the most and allocate that time of the day for your important tasks or the tasks which are of utmost priority.

  1. Sigh of Relief:

Lastly, you will only sigh when you are done with your tasks. Therefore, always cross off things as soon as they are completed.

Nothing will make you feel more competent.

check marks

I Hope this article and the 5 essential tips helps you manage your time effectively and that you do not need six months to master this skill unlike me and my other few classmates. We wished we had some help to manage our time but it definitely is not too late to learn a new skill.

Looking forward to meet all the students starting in fall. Happy summer till then.


Written By Alina Makani


PACE Marketing Management Diploma, 2016



‘My Project Management Internship Experience at MPI’ by Jorge Molina

Jersey Wesley Hall
Jorge Molina, 2nd from the right. “Jorge and his classmates”

Coming from a very competitive business environment, where the pursuit of present profit, or the trade off for future higher one were always the drivers in decision making. I was hesitant to the idea of applying for an internship position at Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI), as part of the concluding step of my Project Management Program at PACE.

Motivated by the positive comments of many that knew the organization, I was easily persuaded to apply. But my doubt did not stop with my application, and it continued until I started interacting with MPI staff.

I was thoroughly interviewed, tested, and background checked. I started my internship without big expectation, only with the curiosity of someone that is both: Taking his new set of knowledge for a spin, and of one that is eager to work after putting work life on hold to study full time for a year.

I was greeted on my first day, by very friendly staff. They stressed more than me while seeing the amount of learning modules I had to read and get tested on before I could start using the company’s work system (74 modules in total).

Once I started working and got to sit down with the Project Management team at the Physical Damage Research & Training Centre, I was impressed by the amount of projects focus on safety driving, imposing safety standards, complying with vehicle inspection, earning and keeping a repair shop licence, training, and many others.

Research is being conducted on the new materials vehicles are using, and if body shops in Manitoba are keeping updated on new repair techniques, so vehicles are not sent back to the streets without being properly reconditioned to meet the standards.

The impact of self-driving cars as a safety issue, and going into details such as: Working with the fire department to know how are they going to cut open an electric vehicle, that has charged wires all over its structure in case of a catastrophic accident, without putting the life of our first responders, and passengers in danger.

The frequency of vehicle inspections: Auditing the process to guarantee that all drivers are complying with the mandatory requirements. Coming up with new systems that will ensure a safe, easy, and smooth transition to the future, by understanding today the impact new issues will have on driving tomorrow.

During my time at MPI, I also attended the weekly auction of vehicles and parts. The auctioneer, a guy in a cowboy hat with a red handkerchief around his neck that looked as if it was brought out of a movie, sold a car every 15 seconds, with the help of his team.

My internship experience has been excellent. I learned a great deal about the industry and changed my impression of the work MPI does. After reading this blog, as you drive home today, know that a very well trained group of people are thinking a step ahead what can be done to improve safety, and service while keeping the industry lowest insurance rates.

I encourage other students to take advantage of the professional internship program, as you will meet interesting people, expand your professional network, learn about a different business model than the ones you have been exposed to, and gain a much needed Canadian work experience.

Written by Jorge Molina

International Student from the Dominican Republic

PACE Project Management Diploma, Class of 2016


Make Canada your home


“When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” As an international student, following this quote from Saint Augustine it has helped me a lot. The wisdom behind this quote helped me to get a really nice experience in Canada and loving this country as it were my own country which is Venezuela. In fact, If I had to advice new comers, I would tell them, try to adapt to the new country that you will emigrate and keep your essence because at the end of the day is what it makes you unique. Along this article I would give you 6 advice, through my experience, as an international student from the Marketing Management program from PACE at the University of Winnipeg, in order to avoid a culture shock and also I will share the experiences from another international students.  

  1. Try to enjoy your Canadian experience with an open-mind. Personally, when I moved to Canada a year and a half ago I decided to enjoy the Canadian experience in 100%. Therefore, I moved to a home stay with a Canadian family who adopted me as another member of the family; I learned English and I am still learning French; I tried new food like Poutine and Sugar Pie; I traveled around Quebec, British Columbia and my next trip is to Toronto; I also made friends from all over the world because that is the magic from Canada, is a country where you can find a wide variety of nationalities in just one place.
  2. Don’t make the language stop you from meeting new people. In fact, meeting people from another countries make you grow. Personally, I feel that Canada made me a better person because of the fact of having shared with people from different cultures, it made me see the world with another perspective. In this sense, I know that the humor change from one language to another and sometimes we feel afraid of not expressing properly in a foreign language, but there is no other way to be fluent on it than speaking. If sometimes you feel silly talking in another language, imagine how I feel, I am a journalist and Spanish is my working tool, but you know, I understood that shame is just in our minds and it didn’t stop me from making new friends.
  3. Hang out with locals. It is a good opportunity to know the culture of the country. They can give you excellent suggestions about where to go, where not and also tell you about the culture. Canadians are super nice and friendly, so this is an easy task.
  4. Learn about Canadian history. Learning about history will lead you to two amazing benefits: first you will get more knowledge and second you will understand better Canadian culture. Canada has a really interesting history, so you will not waste time, and remember knowledge doesn’t hurt. In order to complete this task and make it enjoyable you can visit The Manitoba Museum or the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Both are awesome!
  5. Get involve in culture activities. In Winnipeg you can attend to many interesting festivals like Festival du Voyageur, Jazz Winnipeg Festival, Fringe Theater Festival and Folklorama. Also you can enjoy the next PACE Cultural Evening in January 2017 or join the UWSA student groups of the University of Winnipeg and organize events for the university. These activities are a good opportunity to have fun and meeting new people.
  6. Keep in contact with your family and old friends. Your love ones are the fuel that help you to achieve your goals and they support you when you feel homesick. In your new life is really important making new friends, but never forget where you came from.

International students share their experiences

Maryana 2

Maryana Ostroverkha (Ukraine –Student of Business Administration at University of Winnipeg)

“What I like about Canada is that I have made friends from different countries, tried new food and now I see life with another view. For example, before coming to Canada I didn’t know about Asian culture at all, so when I came here I realized that they are different and at the same time similar. They have a more calm temper and when you get closer, you get amazed of how pure and sincere they are. Therefore I learned that we cannot judge people from the first sight and we need to get to know them first. I also made some changes to adapt to a Canadian culture. The main one is that I realized how important is to understand and accept people as the way they are.”

Ana y yo

Ana Martins (Venezuela- Student of English as a second language at University of Winnipeg)

“Here I tried for the first time Indian food and even though is a bit spicy for me, I loved the Somosas. I also really liked have experienced the four seasons because in Venezuela we just know summer. I visited Toronto and I love it because is so cosmopolitan, there is always something going on. I went the last Halloween and despite it was raining, people remained on the streets and that speaks about how Canadians enjoy life no matter why. I believe that part of adapting to this country is thinking carefully before saying something because since there are people from all over the world what for my culture is not offensive maybe for another one it is. I think as well that the fact of having friends from many countries it made me more fluent in English because you don’t have another way to communicate with them than English.”


Junhyeok Lee (Korea- Student of University of Manitoba)

“What I like about Canada is diversity. So, I like the fact that I can learn about several cultures.”


Sabine Aziaka (Togo- Student of University of Winnipeg)

“I have lived in Togo, Senegal, Italy and Canada, so adapting to this country it wasn’t hard for me. From Canadian cuisine I have tried Poutine. Here, I made friends from different countries and that is cool. I would suggest International students to don’t be afraid of speaking English because speaking another language makes you an open-mind person, it makes you different from the mass, it makes your vocabulary richer, and so on. What I like about Canada is the multiculturalism and the peace. I think Canada is a peaceful place to live. I like Canadians, the way they think. I think Canadians are polite and open-mind.”


Simba Meng (China- Student of University of Winnipeg)

“What I like about Canada is that I have learned a lot about what is going on in other countries. Here, I became more optimistic. I adapt easily to changes, so it hasn’t been difficult for me living in Canada. The only barrier for me, it has been the language and even though is a barrier I like that my friends accept me how I am and they don’t dislike me because my broken English.”

Written by, Maria Grecia Sanchez, PACE Marketing Management student at the University of Winnipeg. Venezuelan journalist. Email: mariagrecia@gmail.com

Top 10 Summer Must-Do’s for Under $10

“No money, no funny” is a statement my Baba ingrained in me from a young age.  Even through her broken English, my childhood ears knew this to be true advice.

As a student of PACE’s Public Relations, Marketing, and Strategic Communications program, I am in classes full time until September; however, I am no stranger to the desire of relinquishing the textbooks and camping out on a patio with a leisure read and a pint, or five.  Unfortunately, the cost adds up.

While the words of Madonna’s Material Girl still resonate with me, I’ve learned to enjoy Winnipeg summers on a budget.  Thankfully this city is equipped with tours, events, and activities to entertain those with vast interests, even if on a non-existent student allowance.

Winnipeg is notorious for its grueling winter, leaving summer the task of resurgence.  It’s time to turn the spotlight to June, July, and August.  My Top 10 list is more-so geared to those who are spending one of their first summers in Winnipeg and are looking for what Winnipeggers do once out of hibernation.


  1. First Fridays in The Exchange District

Photo courtesy of exchangedistrict.org

Mark your calendars and get to bed early Thursday night–Winnipeg’s historical Exchange District comes alive every first Friday of the month. Various art galleries and boutique stores open their doors from 5 PM- late.  Galleries are free of charge and happy to exhibit what is within.  I’d recommend looking at the First Fridays website for the specific exhibits and galleries partaking.


  1. Leo Mol Sculpture Garden


Photo courtesy of exchangedistrict.org

The Leo Mol Sculpture Garden is nestled within the beautiful Assiniboine Park.  This garden is serene, breathtaking, and educational, as it is home to many fine art pieces.  If art isn’t your thing, bring a book and relax under one of nature’s many reading nooks.


  1. Fitness in the Park

Photo courtesy of downtownwinnipegbiz.com

There are many excuses not to exercise (trust me, I am well acquainted with them). Thankfully Fitness in the Park allows you to cross off ‘price’ and ‘inconvenience’, as these hour-long workouts are free and accessibly located downtown.  The activities range, as do the workout locations.  Please check the website for specifics.


  1. Jazz Fest’s Free Opening Weekend

exchangedistrict.org.2-jazz fest
Photo courtesy of exchangedistrict.org

Manitoba is notorious for its variety of music festivals throughout the summer.  Kicking off the season is Winnipeg’s TD Jazz Festival.  The Jazz Festival’s free Opening Weekend runs  Thursday June 16 until June 19 in Old Market Square.  Saturday, June 18 is Indie Rock Night, showcasing local talents such as Rayannah, Vikings, and Micah Visser.


  1. Mural Walk of Winnipeg


Photo courtesy of westendbiz.ca


The West End Biz provides a unique way to capture the history and culture of the West End.  The West End Biz’s tour showcases over 50 pieces of public art as it takes you through Sargent and Ellice Avenue.  This tour can be customized to the needs of your group–just remember to bring your walking shoes!



  1. Lunch Hour Concert Series

Photo courtesy of downtownwinnipegbiz.com

Another reason to get outside during the noon hour is the variety of free, live lunch hour concerts.  Concerts run from June 1- August 31, from noon – 1 PM.  Locations vary, but are all centrally located, such as the Air Canada Park and the Outdoor City Place Terrace on the second floor of City Place Mall.


  1. From Here & Away Field Trips

Photo courtesy of fromhereandaway.ca


From Here & Away, a local creative community created by photographer Joseph Visser is back with free summer photography programming.  Visser describes it as “open to all skill levels and shooting styles. At our workshops everyone is a leader and everyone has something to learn. All are welcome!”  Please visit the Facebook event page for more information.



  1. Tour of The Legislative Building

Photo courtesy of youtube.com

It’s hard to miss the outside of The Manitoba Legislative Building; however, the inside often goes unnoticed.  Take a guided tour inside to discover The Grand Staircase, The Rotunda, The Lieutenant Governor’s Reception Room, and more! (PS: this  may or may not be the time to pull out any Harry Potter costumes)



  1. Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition (MEME)

Photo courtesy of exchangedistrict.org

August brings us the Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition (MEME), a festival of digital arts and learning.  MEME offers a large, outdoor family-friendly area and hosts free concerts at The Cube in Old Market Square from August 12-14.



  1. Aboriginal Day Live at The Forks

Photo courtesy of cbc.ca

June 25, 2016 marks the 10-year anniversary of Aboriginal Day Live!  What can we expect this year?  A jam-packed day of Indigenous musicians, artists, family-friendly activities, a skateboard competition, and a pow wow.  Click here to see the array of talented musicians playing.


Despite being born and raised in this city, I am always looking for new ways to make the most out of summer.  Please feel free to post your favourite Winnipeg summer activities below.

Thanks for reading– now turn off your electronic devices and enjoy the season!

Written By, Natasha Havrilenko, PACE PR, Marketing and Strategic Communications student.

5 Quick Yummy Healthy and Happy Recipes

Don’t want to spend lot of time cooking? Well, then I have some quick, healthy and yummy recipes for you which will not only save your time but also money. It’s easy to go out and grab a quick meal. I am sure though, at some point in time you would have had thoughts about the money spent and calories gained along with guilt of some unhealthy food consumed! Let me tell you, you could have that tasty yummy meal ready in minutes at home whilst enjoying your cooking. And you would never have to think about those extra calories!! Also there’s a feel good factor when you save some dollars and rather spend them wisely! I am placing an approximate cost of these items which gives you an idea of how much you are saving. Don’t forget however: If you like music, you could listen to your list of favorites while you cook. Now, I won’t talk much and get you straight into the kitchen 🙂

Salad Wrap (cooking time: 8 minutes)                                                                        Cost: $6.99

Salad WrapThis could be taken as a snack or even as part of dinner with some soup. It is light and filling yet tasteful! All you need is: whole grain whole wheat tortillas, lettuce, grated cheese, sliced capsicum, sliced cucumber, diced mushrooms (optional), black olives, avocado (optional). Sprinkle the grated cheese over the tortilla and toast it in oven for a few minutes.Take it out and place the salad over the tortilla. You could add some salt and pepper over it or even spice it up with some hot sauce. Wrap it all up and try it!

Smoothie (cooking time: 5 minutes)                                                                             Cost: $3.50

Strawberry SmoothieEnjoy the drink anytime you wish- it’s fresh, healthy and delicious!! You could pick fruits of your choice. For example: bananas, strawberries, mangoes etc. You could pick one or mix them depending upon your preference. Let’s pick one and go with strawberries. All you need to do is slice them and blend them with milk. You could add honey or sugar to it as per your requirement. Garnish this with some grated almonds!

Fish Curry with Vegetables in Coconut Milk (cooking time: 25 minutes)    Cost: $14.95

Fish CurryIt is quick and nutritious, high in protein. Season fish fillets with some herbs, salt and pepper (mix of herbs as one step seasoning is always available in stores) and bake it for about 20 minutes. Meanwhile, grate two cloves of garlic and keep aside few sweet basil leaves. Have a can of coconut milk ready. Pour two teaspoons of oil in the sauce pan. Once it warms up, add the grated garlic to it along with the basil leaves. Let it sauté. Sprinkle the herb seasoning over it. Add diced vegetables into the sauté- broccoli, french beans, carrots and peas or corn kernels. Let this get sautéed for about ten minutes. Thereafter pour the coconut milk over it and let it cook and blend for another five to ten minutes. Add to it some salt and red chili powder to taste. If the fish in the oven is ready, slice it up and add to the vegetable curry. Relish it with steamed rice and salad!

Fruits and Oats with Milk (cooking time: 7 minutes)                                            Cost: $4.95

Oats and Fruits with milkThis is ideal for breakfast and it’s filling too. It is tasteful and gives a light and healthy start to the day! Besides, oats are high in fiber and rich in iron and protein. Add a handful of oats and cereals to a bowl of luke warm milk. Pour some honey into it. Slice some fruits over it- banana, apple and some dried figs/blue berries (optional). Sprinkle grated almonds or walnuts over the mix. And get the taste of heaven!

Brazilian Savory (cooking time: 25 minutes) Credit: Carolina Goncalves          Cost: $5.50

Brazilian SavoryIt’s just a few simple steps and you have something so delicious and light ready to be eaten! All you need is half cup vegetable oil, two eggs, one cup milk, a table spoon of baking powder, salt to taste and one cup of all purpose flour- all of this as batter. Keep aside two cups vegetables of your choice, diced, seasoned and cooked as filling. Pour the batter ingredients into a blender jar and blend. Pour half of this blended batter in a greased pan. Add a layer of the vegetables on top of this batter and over it pour the remaining blended batter. Bake this at 350F for 25 minutes until a toothpick inserted in the pie comes out clean. Try it and you would love it!


Tribute To Everyone Who Made UWPACE 5th Annual Cultural Evening Possible!

backstage group pictureThe UWinnipeg PACE 5th Annual Cultural Evening took place on January 29th, 2016 at Eckhardt Gramatté Hall, the biggest event organized by the PACE Student Life Committee. As the event planner, I work with a large multi-talented team to make sure we create a beautiful experience for everyone involved: performers, volunteers, sponsors, and especially the audience. PACE students are the stars of the evening as they perform, emcee or work behind the scenes. We invite the best of the best in town to share the stage with them, like the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and the talented Indigenous performer Leonard Sumner. Each year, we attract more and more fans, from the university to the larger community. As this one-of-a-kind cultural entertainment grows bigger, the bar raises higher each year.

Some fans waiving lights
DSC04450 (1)
PACE Instructor, Crystal Roberts and her husband







Our goal is that our audience enjoy a glamorous multicultural celebration held in a distinguished venue.  The audience is encourage to dress up in their cultural fashions, sample a variety of global delicacies, win some amazing prizes (which organizing team gets envious of, cause they can’t have them), all of these at no cost. Who didn’t say no? -/+ 300 attendees!

High Tea Bakery’s ever so delicious cupcakes!









As an event planner, just “wow-ing” the crowd doesn’t make a success. So here are some other points worth mentioning that counts towards what we call a “success:”

Success Factors

• Sold-out and standing room crowd.

Standing Crowd - Colleen's picture
Photo Credit: Colleen Little








• Diversity on the stage – representing 18 cultural groups.

Rangle Panjabi Group formed at PACE
Fashion from many different places around the world.







• Indigenous talents – performance by Leonard Sumner garnered many cheers from the audience. He is gifted with amazing music talents.

Leonard Sumner







• Instructors with talent – nothing like watching your role models perform. Brent Scott, the IT Guru, surprised students with his guitar and singing talents while Stephen Hayes, the diversity instructor, enlightened the crowd with what it means to be in a diverse community.







• Re-unions – alumni came along to meet their old classmates. It was fun to see the 2011 Project Management Team in one place! We heard you went to Garbanzos to continue your evening of fun! 🙂

PM 2011 batch reunion - Mekala's picture
From Left: Meer, Yadwinder, Eugenio, Rae, Veronique










•Little things that make your heart sing – it was rather a touching moment when PACE student Vasundhra’s dad shared Vasundhra’s Parks Canada Photobooth pictures on Facebook from back in India!


NSD Vasu's dad's share


Then, a couple who is getting married this February sent a lovely note all the way from  India wishing success for the event. They said they met during a dance performance at the Cultural Evening, 3 years ago.

Shamsher and Ankita
Left: Ankita and Shamsher at the 2013 Cultural Evening, Right, Ankita and Shamsher Wedding Day!!

PACE Alumna and former Cultural Evening Planning Committee member, Rajinder Singh attended the event with his new bride. Who doesn’t want a picture with this beautiful couple? 🙂


PACE Cultural Evening has created so many wonderful lasting memories, friendships, and relationships. We can only imagine the stories to be told in the future!

The Makers

• Partnerships – we are very thankful to our generous sponsors: Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Festival du Voyageur, Parks Canada, Pony Corral, Clay Oven – East Indian Restaurant, Metro Winnipeg, High Tea Bakery, Myrna’s Cafe & Catering, and Mangkok International Cuisine.








• Stars of the night – the committed and hard working student volunteer team represented eight different countries.

DSC055122016 volunteers

•Staff volunteers- As well, PACE Staff contributed a range of talents to the volunteer team. It was Friday, but staff still had time to attend this event after a full week of work in the office. Another reason why #IloveUWPACE!

Staff and Student Volunteers in their #IloveUWPACE T Shirts.






And most of all….

• Angel Volunteers – in business, “Angel Investors” are the ones who come with just what you need at the right, but unexpected time. The Cultural Evening attracts some angel volunteers; they are somehow linked to other event staff, which their names not always get mentioned. Here is the list:

 Many thanks to:

  • Neil Aseron, Marie Aseron’s brother
  • Cristiano Goncalves, Carol Goncalves’ husband
  • Adrienne Matias and Randy Salangsang, Melissa Matias’ cousins
  • Alex and Fiji, Victoria Elusakin’s friends
  • Breazy Wilson, Ashlie Wilson’s daugher
  • Rachel O’Connor, PACE Alumna
  • Milanyila Vargas, PACE Alumna
  • Erin Moorley, PACE Alumna
  • Ying yao, PACE Champions Toastmasters Member from the Red River College
  • UWinnipeg’s Virtuosi Concerts, for giving away last minute door prizes
  • Andy and Evan, UWinnipeg Media Services
  • UWinnipeg Physical Plant Staff
  • UWinnipeg Marketing Office
  • UWinnipeg Security Officers

My heartiest thanks to all who supported the successful staging of PACE Annual Cultural Evening!

PS: Please accept my apologies, if I have missed your name, but please let me know.

Mekala Wickramasinghe
PACE Student Life Coordinator

The 2017 event is in the making, and the tickets will be available in early November 2016. Make sure to reserve them early!