My hand slides around it, I hold it firmly and bring my face closer to it. Its aroma fills me up. Coffeegasm! Go grab a cup of coffee before reading this post because by the end you surely would want one.


For a lot of people coffee can just be a beverage but for some people, it is a very essential part of their lives. Those before work conversations, that nervous yet filled with excitement date conversation, friends meeting after years and gossiping. All these conversations and few cups of coffee. Love and coffee that encapsulate such bonds. Every day I see students from PACE standing in line at Tim Hortons and laughing with their friends. The thread which weaves these beautiful moments is coffee.

I wasn’t always a coffee fan but now it is something that keeps my brain and body functional. A cup of coffee and I can conquer the world. There is one place which played a major role in making coffee special for me: PACE. It has not only made coffee special for me but for all the other students as well. Every morning before entering the class, during the mid-intervals and the lunch break if there is something that is constant for most of the PACE students, it is COFFEE.



It was my first day at PACE and as I entered the classroom, I saw almost everyone with a coffee cup. I wondered if it was just a cool trend or a necessity. For me as an international student coming from India, it took me some time to understand the role of coffee in everyone’s life. After one week into this program, even I had a coffee cup to comfort me.

PACE students have three favourite spots: Tim Hortons, Stella’s and Starbucks. These coffee stations are the closest ones to PACE. All these places have their own unique coffee and coffee-derivative drinks that they serve. There are other coffee houses like the Second Cup and Thom Bargen that are also famous among the PACE students.




With time I realized that it isn’t just about coffee. It is about what kind of coffee becomes your ‘Soul Coffee’. Soul Coffee is the coffee that fills up your soul with its mesmerizing taste and aroma. It is the coffee that you swear by. You drink it every day and even do not mind drinking five times a day. It keeps you on fire the entire day.  After being in PACE for more than two months I figured out there are two kinds of coffee drinkers.


This kind of coffee drinkers that like their coffee strong. They do not like sabotaging the true flavour of coffee at any cost by adding cream, vanilla or caramel.  The darker their coffee is, the happier they are. They like adding extra shots of espresso to their coffee. If by chance they see you drinking a Pumpkin Spiced Latte or a French Vanilla, they wouldn’t even consider you as a coffee drinker.


These are people like me who just cannot have coffee alone. In fact, they like coffee along with milk/cream along with some chocolate/vanilla syrup etc. For them, all those mixed flavours are coffee. Irrespective of this, they remain very loyal to their cup of coffee. They will go to the same coffee station and get the same coffee every day.


Zoya Tereshchenko, PRMSC 2016)


I cannot live without coffee! Just love it. It makes me feel more relaxed in class. I love cappuccino. It is a coffee drink that is traditionally prepared with double espresso, hot milk, and steamed-milk foam.”


Because PACE has enkindled the love for coffee in my heart, I have to talk about my favourite coffee (I mean coffee-derivative drink). It is a Tim Hortons ‘Half- French Vanilla and Half-Double Double’. It sounds weird but it is the perfect thing. It has coffee, vanilla, sugar and milk. A drink with wholesome goodness. This cup of coffee has acted as fuel for attending the  9 am to – 4 pm exhausting classes. My favourite part about coffee is its creamy texture and the way it gives a holiday candy feel. A lot of people from PACE do have French Vanilla as their favourite coffee drink. Nothing beats having a cup of your favourite coffee with your friends.

So all you folks thank PACE for the regular coffee treats in your lives and special bonds steaming out of it.



Thank you for reading  🙂

Written By:

Praneet Soni (PRMSC 2016-17)


Top Winter Coats to Survive Winter in Winnipeg: A Student’s guide to staying warm in the Great White North

Source: bing.com

Winnipeg, or “Winterpeg”, as it is known to the locals, is one of the coldest cities in the world and if you have not grown up here, it can be quite a shock to the system. Even if you have lived through a Winnipeg winter, it never gets easier…or warmer!

As a student from another country, it can be quite difficult to imagine how cold it will get and what type of clothing you will need, to stay warm. Budget is also a consideration when deciding on your winter coat and accessories.

Typically, November is the start of colder temperatures; however, this year, the city relished in above normal temperatures that delayed the snow. December, on the other hand, has shown just how low the thermometer can go. December 21st is also the First Day of Winter! It is hard to believe, considering that we have already experienced enough snow, but hopefully, freezing temperatures will stay at bay.

Winnipeg’s winter climate is a dry cold and its Prairie location means that harsh winter winds blow down from the Arctic and across the plains. December and January are the coldest months with temperatures dipping to -25c on average but of course, you should also be prepared for snow storms that will bring an abundance of snow, ice, and temperatures that can reach as low as -36c to -40c. As intimidating as this sounds, it is possible to stay warm and enjoy the snow’s beauty and the variety of winter activities on offer.

Source: google.com

The best way to approach your winter wardrobe is to wear thin layers that you can add on or take off. This will help you to deal with the extremes between outdoor and indoor temperatures, such as walking to school, running between classes, or travelling on a hot and stuffy bus.

The most important articles of clothing are:

  • Gloves or mittens with a fleece or fibrefill lining
  • Wool or fleece scarf
  • Wool or fleece hat (toque) – How can there not be an emoji for this?
  • Boots with a good tread to prevent slipping on ice
  • Wool or down-filled jacket or coat, preferably with a hood
  • Fur scarves or hats are also an option for warmth; however, there are ethical issues associated with the treatment of animals and the wearing of fur for fashion’s sake. Fur trim on a hood is generally accepted but there are plenty of fake fur options available.

Whether you have more dash than cash or are wanting to make a major investment, here are the best jackets and coats to buy for winter.


Zara – $159               Asos – $96.85                     H&M – $79.99

Moderately Priced

J.Crew – $358             Club Monaco – $459   Club Monaco -$495


NET-A-PORTER.COM – $3,410  Cabala’s – $950  MR PORTER.COM – $2,357